Nora Karlyik (teamleader)

The first time I saw a dogdance performance was 16 years ago. It felt so magical to me, that I decided I wanted to do it too. I have participated in several competitions across Europe over the years, both as a competitor and judge. Hippi is my second dog that I do dogdance with. She is currently 8 years old and apart from dogdance, she likes to collect plants and hide them in her hair, but she also loves to bark and lick other dogs.
What I love most about dogdance is the creativity that it involves, that I can choose the music I like and make a fitting choreography with movements that suit both me and my dog. I feel that funny choreographies fit our team the most, and our current dance represents that style.

Sandor Orsolya

We started dog dancing in 2012. What I like best in this sport is when we are working on the choreography and practice it with the dog. What I want to achieve is that my dog and I look and move like one whole in the ring, and she has a good time during the routine. And of course I am for perfection in a routine as much as I can. I am honoured to be a member of the Hungarian OEC team for the second time.

Fábián Gabriella

Hi, my name is Gabriella Fábián. I will be dancing with my younger border collie, Zen. Zen is very young and energetic, he is only two year old. He absolutely loves dancing with me, preferably very close to me. He is very creative, he helps me choosing the music for him and creating the routine too. He learns quick, so I have to work hard to keep up with him. In new situations and places he tends to be nervous, worry about the environment, but with the joy of working together he can always overcome his fears.
It’s like a dream coming true for me to be able to compete at the OEC. This will be Zen's first competition abroad, and I am looking forward to it.

Orsolya Buha

My name is Orsolya Buha and I am 25 years old. Nomád is a 6 years old male Puli. He is considered one variant of the 4 color type that Puli comes in and it's called
fawn with mask.
He is very energetic, impetuous and athletic. He is talkative, he really likes barking. Nomád is motivate and playful. He is very intelligent, clever and lovely.
We really love dog dancing, we also doing other dog sports: herding, agility, frisbee, obedience, but the dog dancing is very precious for us. My goal is: Show to the world, that the Puli is a wonderful breed, they can be used for every dog sport. The Puli is not a dog. It's a Puli. :)
The song that I choose is an anime OST song called: Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler).



I started competing in dogdance with Deril in 2014. Our first competition was in OEC in Stuttgart with our freestyle coreography majorette. We start also with htm 1 year ago. We love to dance together. We practise also agility, IPO and disc dog.


Thunder is a very nice dog and when we dance he is very creative dog and we enjoy dancing. For this reason we try to give something to the others, and each time we really like it.


Im teacher in the high school and love practise sport with my dogs: Agility, dog dance and disc dog.


I am veterinary and an obedience coach, dogdance and sheepdog. In dogdance I mix my interest with the enjoyment of teaching new things to my dog.Unique is border collie with a strong character and personality, sometimes difficult to manage but at the same time friendly, sweet and cheerful. He likes everthing I propose to him.

BARBARA CRISTALLINI (reserve starter)

Im teacher in the high school and love practise sport with my dogs: Agility, dog dance and disc dog.


Monika Ballerini (Teamleader)

I live with my husband Rico, my 3 children, 4 dogs and a couple of cats in the beautiful city
of Lucerne, in central Switzerland.
I'm a professional dog trainer and love teaching a variety of training seminars and workshops in obedience, dog dance, rescue dog and many more disciplines. With my pack of 4 dogs I train and compete – quite successfully – in all of these categories.
Cassy – my 13 year-old Border Collie bitch – is good-hearted, charming and always spirited dog. She is now the "Grey Panther" of the pack and retired from the dog sport.
With Breeze Jumping Kiwis – from a German breed – I am lucky to have found an equally talented dog. Breeze is an exceptional dog and has already competed in different dog sport disciplines with surprisingly good results.
Breeze and her mate Amari a Pappilon dog are truly dream dancing partners! As a trio, we have even danced together through quite a few competitions and shows and the public loved it.
I’ m looking forward to compete in Krieglach at the OEC 2016 with Breeze and Amari.

Claudia Moser

Many years ago I saw a dog doing Freestyle Tricks and I wanted to try this with my dog right away. So my (at that time neighbours dog) Lara had to learn lots of tricks and with her I got into Dogdance 16 years ago. Since then I have competed with four different dogs, Lara, Tilly, Kerry & Ria.

In the last 15 years I had the privilege to see this fantastic sport grow and being able to be a part of this as a competitor, trainer and judge.
I am still amazed to see the variety, creativity and ideas of all the teams and I am very much looking forward to this years OEC and wish all participants lot of Fun together in the ring!

I am very happy and proud to be able to compete with Ria, my 8 year old Border Collie. She has been the dog that asked the most from me but at the same time taught me a lot about me and her.
We have more experience with Freestyle so far, but I feel that HTM suits her well, and I hope you will enjoy our routine.

Apart from Dogdance, Ria loves to retrieve Dummies at high-speed, swim, jump or run at high-speed or enjoys a cuddle on my lap (only sometimes at high-speed;-)


Sandra Schneider

My name is Sandra Schneider and I live with my 2 Dogs, my Boyfriend an my little daughter in Altdorf Switzerland in the middle of the mountains. I’m working as architectural draftsman and also as dogtrainer in my little dogschool.

We want to show that all kind of dogs are able to dance and especially the banned breeds are wonderful dogs with a big heart and we have so much fun when we dance.
Eternal Flame is a very special dog with a sad history. As a little puppy she came to bad people who only wanted to make Money with the breed, I think that was not possible with her and so she came to a family who felt stronger with that kind of breed. Short time later the family had no time for the little lady and so she was the longest time alone. In August 2010, with 1.5 years I bought this lady which had stolen my heart at the first time when I saw her. I taught her everything because she didn't know how a normal dog could live. She was afraid of everything and everyone, but from day to day her sunny nature and her lovely heart grows up. She has a special character and her biggest pleasure is to dance with me in the middle of the arena. Together we are complete and we have so much fun. I really hope that we can show you the right side of this wonderful breed and especially of my wonderful dog.

We want to enjoy this exciting Event, we are very proud to be a part of this wonderful Team from Switzerland. It´s like a Dream come true for me and I hope all the other people enjoy our routine also and have fun to watch us.

Rita Giger

I live with my husband Harry and our three children in Bussnang close to the Lake of Constance
Even as a child I spent a lot of time with the dogs of my neighbours. I have been a happy dog owner since I was 22 years old. During this long period of time I have practiced different dog sports.
Three years ago I discovered my passion for dogdance. Fitch, my four years old Sheltie is growing up with trick and dogdance training, which he likes very much. He is well suited for HTM because of his calm, but attentive nature.
I am really looking forward, that I can participate with the Swiss HTM team! It’s a dream come true!
I can’t wait to see all these wonderful routines and wish all participating teams good luck!

Iris Knecht

I live in Hausen / Aargau with my family and 3 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. We are interested in Scent work as well as Tricks.
Pepper loves Heelwork-Positions and I am proud that my deaf friend and I will be able to come to the OEC.
Dogdance creates a deep connection and gives us lots of creative and happy moments and I hope that all participants will be able to enjoy theirs in the ring too!


Carmen Schmid (teamleader and reserve-starter)

Gimli and me are dancing since 10 years, and our joy is still growing.
We are rarely found on the podium, but always on the sunny side of Dogdance.
Our first HTM Start at the OEC 2011 was a wonderful experience. In HTM we find joy and happiness. Gimli is not always healthy, that’s why we did not compete at the OEC in 2012 and 2013, although we were qualified. But we made so many fine experiences in competitions and especially in training lessons. Gimli goes mostly Fun competitions, but I decided to try the qualifying with both dogs this year.
Actually, it was my goal to start for the first time with Gimli's brother Yedi for OEC but Yedi had other ideas

It´s a great joy for me to see my 12 years old Gimli now as a reserve in the German team.
I look forward to an exciting time with the team and a great OEC.

Jessica Lang

We couldn‘t even have imagined to become a part of this gorgeous OEC-Team. We – my Australian Shepherd Elliott, 5 years, and me, Jessy – both rather jittery type of girls. We started with dogdance two years ago and we fell in love with HTM what we are going to show in Austria. We are really looking forward to start this exciting journey with this fabulous team.

Uta Opel

I am happy to be aloud to be part of the OEC with two so different types of dogs. Up to now I have just started in the OEC Agility. Ten years ago I got introduced in trickdog and Dogdance in a seminar from Denise Nardelli. Since then I am thrilled from this creative sport. I am especially interested in the different ways how the dogs learn. Dexter, a little American Shepherd, came to me in an age from three years as a care dog. He is now seven years old and likes to do Agility, Dogdance and Heelwork. He loves speed actions. His favorite activity is running with his dog friends or cuddling with me. Manuka is going to be twelve years old in July. She was very successful in Agility A3 over many years. Her stylistic clean jumping style works. In Dogdance we need years since we got a team. The more I value her collaboration today. She chooses the music by herself and helps me with the choreography ;-) I am looking forward to an exciting time in the team and to all national and international meetings. 

Uta Opel

I am happy to be aloud to be part of the OEC with two so different types of dogs. Up to now I have just started in the OEC Agility. Ten years ago I got introduced in trickdog and Dogdance in a seminar from Denise Nardelli. Since then I am thrilled from this creative sport. I am especially interested in the different ways how the dogs learn. Dexter, a little American Shepherd, came to me in an age from three years as a care dog. He is now seven years old and likes to do Agility, Dogdance and Heelwork. He loves speed actions. His favorite activity is running with his dog friends or cuddling with me. Manuka is going to be twelve years old in July. She was very successful in Agility A3 over many years. Her stylistic clean jumping style works. In Dogdance we need years since we got a team. The more I value her collaboration today. She chooses the music by herself and helps me with the choreography ;-) I am looking forward to an exciting time in the team and to all national and international meetings. 

Monika Gehrke

I am very proud to be part of an OEC team with my ten years old Border Collie Boy Gigolo Jan again. We have been in Denmark, Czech Republic and the Netherlands so this year we start the fourth time for the German OEC team.

The first tricks I trained with my Border Collie mixed breed Henry 14 years ago. I started Dogdance two years later with my Border Collie girl Jette. She is still starting with 13 years in the senior class with much fun.

In November 2005 Gigolo Jan came to us. When we are dancing he surprises me very often. I never know how the choreography will look this day. As artist he is very suborn and creative. But this makes his charm and it is never boring with him.


Wies Koelewijn (Teamleader)

Marina Krom

My name is Marina Krom and I will enter the Heelwork To Music competition for the third time with my Schipperke; Bikkel (Johnny the little black devil) who is 4 years old.
I dance with my dogs for 11 years. I became Dutch Champion Heelwork To Music Overall with my Australian Cattle Dog Morris in 2010 and with my Schipperke Bikkel I became Dutch Champion Heelwork To Music Overall 2013 and 2015. It is so difficult to do Heelwork to Music with a small dog. But I’m so proud of my little black boy. I love to train and dance with him.
Bikkel adores the obedience so much that I decided to show his talent in the Heelwork. I am excited to show the world you can do Heelwork with a small dog. I hope you will enjoy our routine just as much as I do. I am proud to be one of the combinations of the Dutch Dog Dance Team. I’m looking forward to OEC 2016.

Tanja Leblanc

Hi I am Tanja Leblanc, together with my 6 year old Rottweiler Out of the Blue (aka Chendo) I will participate in Heelwork to Music for team The Netherlands.
My Dog Dancing career started in 2007 with Faith, also a Rottweiler. In 2009 I got Chendo and with him I have participated at the OEC in Denmark 2011, World Championship in Austria 2012 and the OEC in Stuttgart in 2014. Most important for us is to have fun during training and competition. Something we have been working on really hard over the past years. To participate in DogDancing with a Rottweiler is a huge challenge due to the high level of independence this breed shows.
Chendo and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everybody and wish you best of luck.
See you in Krieglach!

Janny Drost

Hi, I am Janny Drost. I love to work wiht Dana because she is a lovely enthusiastic dog. We love to dance together and since I am retired, we have all the time in the world together!

Gwen Pieters

Hi there 'Dog Dance' colleagues. My name is Gwen Pieters and I dance with my red furry friend Vidar who is almost 3 years old. Vidar is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who is also known as 'The Dancing Hunter'. This is because we both love to dance and also hunt together and to date, we have been quite successful.

In the world of hunting, many had their reservations about Vidar and me because, not only did we not conform with the expected dress code, but we also practice dance tricks.  After three years of great results in gundog competitions and real hunts all reservations have now gone. ;)

The most important part of our working/social relationship is the mutual trust and respect I feel Vidar and I have for one another. In both disciplines, this is the only thing that really matters. Together as one!

Looking forward to see you all and your furry friends in Austria!


Luc Daems (teamleader)

Arlette Cloes

I discovered dog dancing
in 2005. My two dogs Zingara and Ginger were part of the HTM Belgian Team for the OEC 2011.
In 2012 Zingara ended his career by participating at the World Championship in Salzburg in HTM and FST.
I also participated at the OEC 2013 in Burgnum in HTM and FST and at the OEC 2014 in
Germany with Ginger in HTM.
My Bitches take me every year on the podium at the Belgian and French Championship but
the most important is their wonderful character and the happiness they give me every day.

Christiane Hanchir

This is the first international competition for this Dog, I was already in competition for about 8 years with other dogs and also at the WC in Austria and Finland and at the OEC's since 2011.

Juliette Moysens

I began dog dancing in 2006 with an American cocker. At that time there were only 5 competitions per year in Belgium and
no difference between HTM and FST. In 2007 I received from my husband a puppy American cocker, and two years later I starter the competition.
When HTM arrived in Belgium, I tried and liked it.
I am very proud to be in Advanced with my little dog and very happy to be part of the HTM Belgian Team. Even in my dream I would never imagine that.
I hope that with my enormous stress be able to show what my little Gygy can perform.

Hans Crets

Billy (3.5 years) is my first HTM dog, last year we won in the International Grand Prix de France HTM Intermediate class, the international Dutch Championships HTM Intermediate class and the Belgium National and International HTM Intermediate class.
We also got the price of the most promising team at the Dutch Championships

Christiane Hanchir (reserve starter)

First International competition for this Dog, I was already in competition for about 8 years with also at the WC in Austria and Finland and at the OEC's since 2011


Johanna Allanach (teamleader)

Soda competes mainly in freestyle. She have been at the Nordic Championships 6 times, in the finals all 6 times and their best result was Individual Bronze. Soda was the first Swedish Freestyle Champion and the first Nordic Freestyle Champion. Soda is also a Danish and Nordic Freestyle Champion – and a Rally Champion. Soda has recently taken up Heelwork to Music and has 2 certificates. She has also competed at the International Freestyle at Crufts in 2010, 2012 and 2014.

Anja Christensen

Queeny and I have been doing heelwork since she was a puppy and she has just turned 9 years old. Queeny became Nordic Champion in 2013 and won her first International championship in 2010 – Since we have been so lucky to attend at big events like World Championship, Nordic Championship and Open European Championships. This is our 12 International championship together and we are looking so much forward to a new fairytale. Queeny is my very best friend and I love her more than words can describe.

Annette Klink Dalgaard

Neo has been doing dog dancing since 2009. He has represented Denmark in both freestyle and HTM on the national Danish team since 2009. Neo is also an obedience champion, show champion and rally obedience champion in Denmark. In Denmark he has both a freestyle and HTM champion title, and he has a Swedish freestyle champion title. Neo loves doing dog dancing and I enjoy the possibility to add tricks to our routine that he sees as re-enforcement. I also love the complete freedom to decide what is right and wrong in MY routine and that I can have a plan A and a plan B without nobody else noticing it. Our routine is inspired by music from the late 1970-ties and the 1980-ties, which I love.

The music is “You should be dancing” by Bee Gees.

Tine Gade

Viola is a 6 years old Portuguese Podengo smooth Medio. We have been competing in HTM for 3 years. It is our first international competition and we look forward to the experience.


It is with great regret and much disappointment that Team Scotland has had to withdraw from competing at the OEC, due to an outbreak of kennel cough which has spread throughout the team with three dogs currently suffering.

We would like to thank our sponsors and indeed everyone who has supported us. We have raised a considerable sum of money which will be held by Elite k9 Dancers and will form the sponsorship for a Team Scotland in 2017 (subject to Scottish Kennel Club approval).

As such we have decided we will open the procedure for selection with further details to follow later this year.


Monika Krajcirova

Monika Olsovska

Sasa Vavrova

Czech Republik

Irena Istvankova (teamleader)

Our lives are connected for six years and I wish it lasted forever. We enjoy all possible activities together and we have never enough. We are soul mates this is for sure!

Vanda Gregorova

I started dogdancing in 2004, now I have 4 dogs, 3 chihuahuas and australians shepherd Brandy, all in active Training.

Ivana Simunkova

I am honoured to be a member of the Czech Dogdancing Team for OEC 2016.
It will be our very first time to compete on international dogdancing level. Daisy is my first dog and she is 6 years old. She is the type of once in a lifetime dog. We both really enjoy all the fun in human-dog partnership. We practice also obedience and sheep herding.

Petra Prazakova

I am 50 years old. Five years ago a got a sweet shaggy Border Collie from my daughters. It was clear for me that i had to find a right activity for us. Dogdance was the dogsport that convinced me the most. The start was hard for us because i did not know many about dogdance but luckily we met the excellent trainer Petra Mala. She taught us the joy about dancing. She helped us to find the right way, she leads us.

Trough Dogdance i learned to see the world with other eyes.

It is a great honour for me to be part of the Czech team for the OEC 2016.


Tanja Weinmesser (teamleader)

Inez Dengscherz

Amy and me came by chance to Dogdance and since then we are addicted to it. We love the moments when we are in the ring and forget everything around us.

Amy is a calm and clever Australian Shepherd bitch and my tiny discreet shade. In the ring I can rely in her even when she changes the routine spontaneously. But this makes it special to dance with her. J

Claudia Duroska

I am total free of a talent to dance so I would never start Dogdance but the Dogdance fever catched us! Although many people hate heelwork Justy and I always find joy in it so we decide us for HTM. It is magic every time when we go into the ring and nothing counts except Justy and me.

He is always good for some surprise especially when he leaves me alone in the ring for a bowl of food.

Ilona Szednyj

I came to Dogdance as "anti-hunting" Training for my dog. Soon I discovered the many opportunities to vary obedience and to make it more fun. For me Dogdance remains a great leisure activity with a lot of fun!


Kerstin Eklund (teamleader)

Miles is a 10 year old golden retiever male. This will be our first Open European Competition and we are honourd and it will be very exciting to take part. In 2014 Miles became Nordic Champion in the Nordic Freestyle Championship in Norway, and we also participate in VM 2014 and ended up as team third.

Anita Axelsson

I have trained and competed with dogs since 1994 and before I started with freestyle my main sport were agility. But now I mostly do freestyle and herding whit the border collie. I also work as a professional dog trainer and I have for instance published seven books about dog and dog training.

Anna Larsson

I have long experience in competiting in various dogsports but I have only competed in heelwork to music for 2,5 years. My Border Collie Flynn made his debut in the Swedish National Team at the Nordic Championships 2015 and this year we´re looking forward to compete in the World Championships and the Open European Championships. Flynn is a certified sheepdog and has been competing also in herding, obedience and rally obedience. He´s a very friendly and happy dog!

Ewa Andersson

My Dog called Okk and is a Pumi, he is seven years old. I fell for the sport in autumn 2014.We made our first class 3 competition in October 2015 and we became qualified to the Swedish Championship in 2015 where we finished in fourth place. Previously we have competed in obedience and rally obedience, but none of the sports we found as stimulating as heelwork.
Okk is a soft affectionate dog that is more than happy to sit and cuddle on the couch. Since Okk is a dog that likes to work close to me, heelwork is an excellent sport for him where his virtues come into their own.

Ewa Andersson

My dog is called Tia and she is a Mudi, she is two years old. After I had made my first heelwork start with my other dog Okk, I wanted to try to compete in heelwork with Tia. We made our first start in May 2015 and Tia was only one year old. In autumn 2015 we made our debut in heelwork class 3, we qualified to the Swedish championship in 2015 in heelwork which we won. Jippi!
Tia is an energetic dog that likes all kinds of activities. She is a dog who always gives everything she can and has a tireless energy. Therefore Im lucky that I am a spirited pensioner that are able to keep up with her.

Carola Lindh (reservestarter)

We have competed HTM for 1.5 years and was on the 8th place in the World Championship at Moscow. Lilo is also a sucessfull show dog and is two times European Winner. We also compete in obedience, rally obedience, agility and tracking. But Lilo is mostly a beloved family dog!


Polina Ilina (teamleader)

Ilim is getting more and more a gentleman. And our dance is about a nice lady's friend.
Ilim is a grandson of my beloved Flint – I hope, grandson will not let his famous grandfather down and we will show exiting dancing :). Ilim is a very active and positive dog, I am lucky to have such a friend and a dancing partner. Ilim is a Russian Dog Dance Champion (HTM; 2015 and 2016).

Tamila Butrimova

I am drunk with love. We are drunk, but not with wine-we are drunk with mutual love.
Our path in dancing is rather thorny, Ilay is so rapid and fast, but our mutual love and understanding help us to overcome all the difficulties.

Natalia Rublieva

Darkness and light are inseperable. One can not exist without another.
Rein is my most wonderful partner! He started dancing when he was 4, and has become the only dog deserving my total trust! But for the late start, Rein managed to get to the pedestal of the World and the European championship :)

Polina Ilina

Olgha Alimova (reservestarter)

This is a dance about a dream, that we can sometimes fail realising that it is just nearby.
Taifun is a name which 100% suits him. He likes running with a ball or following me when I am skiing in winter. But it does not prevent him from being a sensitive and attentive partner. Taifun is the second dog I am dancing with, but it is he who got me involved into HTM. We are dancing because we are enjoying it. My White friend, I am happy to have an opportunity to dance with him.

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