Karlyik Nora (teamleader)

The first time I saw a dogdance performance was 16 years ago. It felt so magical to me, that I decided I wanted to do it too. I have participated in several competitions across Europe over the years, both as a competitor and judge. Hippi is my second dog that I do dogdance with. She is currently 8 years old and apart from dogdance, she likes to collect plants and hide them in her hair, but she also loves to bark and lick other dogs.
What I love most about dogdance is the creativity that it involves, that I can choose the music I like and make a fitting choreography with movements that suit both me and my dog. I feel that funny choreographies fit our team the most, and our current dance represents that style.

Juhasz Aniko

Izzy and I have been doing dogdance for the past 4 years. We constantly try to become better by lots of training and learning. Dogdance for me is not only a sport, but also an art form and a way for somebody to express themselves. Izzy is a very active dog, we also do herding as a hobby, and often go hiking. I work with dogs also in my professional life, I am a dog groomer and phisiotherapist.

Aczél Eszter

My name is Eszter Aczél and my dancepartner is Dinga. He is a 4 year old australian cattle dog male – very friendly, funny dog and likes doing everything with me. He is always very enthusiastic and he has lots of energy. We also compete in agility and flyball. To be honest, dog dancing is a bit difficult for me because it needs to defeat myself to stand on the stage and try to move like a dancer but actually I can't dance :) But we try to do our best with Dinga :)

Tanászi Szandra

Nitro and I have been dogdance addicts since 2012. For us this sport is a challenge both mentally and physically. We spend a lot of time learning new tricks and moves, because we both enjoy discovering new things. The dogdance ring has so far surprised us many times with good results, but we still focus on making our team better, the biggest competition for us is ourselves. One of our greatest dreams came true with our qualification for the OEC.



I started competing in dogdance with Deril in 2014. Our first competition was in OEC in Stuttgart with our freestyle coreography majorette. We start also with htm 1 year ago. We love to dance together. We practise also agility, IPO and disc dog.


Thunder is a very nice dog and when we dance he is very creative dog and we enjoy dancing. For this reason we try to give something to the others, and each time we really like it.


Im teacher in the high school and love practise sport with my dogs: Agility, dog dance and disc dog.


I am Liliana and I began doing dog dance without knowing that it was a recognized dog activity. As I have a ballet school in Milan, each year I invent a tale for the show in the theatre and since the 90ies I include a part for my dogs. Only in 2008 I discovered the competitions of dog dancing, but as more as I work, as difficult this amazing activity seems to be….in any case always fascinating! I have five dancing dogs, four of them rescued and Zorba, the border collie. He is always happy to work with me and very clever, maybe because he lives almost 24 hours a day with me (even when I work, he attends to my ballet and tap dance lessons and by night we all sleep together…). Zorba likes even agility, swimming, dips, running in the park and he is very excited and honored when he can participate on the stage dancing together even with my pupils (learners).

ANGELA RAMPAZZO (reserve starter)

I really enjoy spending my time with my dogs and play with them, so I starded to practice with them before Agility Dog and then Dog dance. It's really beautifull to see how they have fun, but also through these activities you create a wonderful complicity.
Melinda is a four years old Parson Russel Terrier, she is very lively and always looking for something to do together.


Monika Balerini (teamleader)

I live with my husband Rico, my 3 children, 4 dogs and a couple of cats in the beautiful city
of Lucerne, in central Switzerland.
I'm a professional dog trainer and love teaching a variety of training seminars and workshops in obedience, dog dance, rescue dog and many more disciplines. With my pack of 4 dogs I train and compete – quite successfully – in all of these categories.
Cassy – my 13 year-old Border Collie bitch – is good-hearted, charming and always spirited dog. She is now the "Grey Panther" of the pack and retired from the dog sport.
With Breeze Jumping Kiwis – from a German breed – I am lucky to have found an equally talented dog. Breeze is an exceptional dog and has already competed in different dog sport disciplines with surprisingly good results.
Breeze and her mate Amari a Pappilon dog are truly dream dancing partners! As a trio, we have even danced together through quite a few competitions and shows and the public loved it.
I’ m looking forward to compete in Krieglach at the OEC 2016 with Breeze and Amari.

Monika Gehrig

My husband and I live in a small village in the mountains which is situated 1'000 meters above sea-level.
Chiara, my 7 years old dog is a Retriever-Mix from a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals.
Chiara is a charming, lively and talented dog. She is deeply in my heart. Soon I will be 50years old and since I can remember I was always together with dogs.
Dogdance is the most wonderful dogsport an I love to dance with my partner Chiara. There are no limits in our fantasia concerning the creation of routines.
I`m so extremely happy and proud that my beloved dog Chiara and I can participate at the OEC 2016.

Rita Sigrist

I work as a professional practitioner of medical massage therapy and live with my husband in Wilderswil, a small village in the Bernese Alps, Switzerland. This beautiful region is especially known for its famous mountain trio "Eiger-Mönch-Jungfrau".
Because my working place and our family home are situated in the same building, I’m able to enjoy my dog's company all day. The Berger des Pyréenes breed had been attracting my attention; this small French sheep dog Fanouk with its smart attitude, funny expression, eager working drive and above all its willingness to seek close company of the handler appeals to me.
Fanouk, 6 year old is a dog you could steal horses with. I knew from the beginning I had to keep my little over-energetic rascal busy, give him physical and mental challenges. From the very beginning I dreamt of dancing with him.
In July 2012, our second dog, Happy, joined the pack – our family.
I am proud to be representing Switzerland at the OEC with Fanouk. I am hoping to get to know lots of different teams from different countries.

Monika Ballerini

Ich lebe mit meinem Mann Rico, meinen 3 Kindern, 4 Hunden und 2 Katzen in der schönen Stadt Luzern, im Zentrum der Schweiz.
Ich bin professionelle Hundetrainerin und liebe es verschiedene Seminare und Workshops zu geben für Obedience, Dogdance, für den Sanitätshundesport und viele andere Hundesportarten. Mit meinen 4 Hunden, die ich trainiere und an Wettkämpfen teilnehme, bin und war ich in allen Disziplinen erfolgreich.
Cassy, meine 13 Jahre alte Border Collie Hündin ist eine gutherzige, charmante und immer noch lebhafte Hündin. Sie gehört nun zu den “Grauen Panthern” und ist vom Hundesport pensioniert.
Mit Breeze Jumping Kiwis – aus einer deutschen Zucht – bin ich sehr glücklich eine gleichwertig begabte Hündin gefunden zu haben. Breeze ist ein ausserordentlicher Hund und hat bei verschiedenen Wettbewerben verschiedenster Hundesportarten jeweils überraschend gute Resultate erreicht.
Beide, Breeze und ihr Kamerad Amari , sind Traumtanzpartner. Auch als Trio im Dogdance sind wir an Turnieren und Shows aufgetreten, sehr zur Begeisterung des Publikums.
Ich freue mich mit Breeze und Amari in Krieglach, an der OEC 2016, aufzutreten

Verena Verones (reserve-starter)

My name is Verena Verones and I live with my husband and our 10 year old dog Anisha in the surroundings of Berne, the capital of Switzerland. Anisha is the first dog with which I started to compete in dog sports. We first trained for six years in obedience and competed for 3 years in the highest class in Switzerland, but then I decided to look for a new challenge! After having seen a dogdance competition in Winterthur in 2013 for the first time, I was sure of having found our new dog sport. We started training for dogdance in the dogdance center “Dogdance Bern” with Christine Szazacks in spring 2013 when Anisha was already 7 years old.. From the beginning, we both loved to perform together to the music. We like the possibility to create new routines without implied obligations. Despite her age, Anisha still learns new movements and tricks very fast and is always eager to learn and show-off her skills. Dogdance is wonderful to show how strong a partnership between handler and dog can grow, and how we can understand each other with saying almost nothing.
I am very proud to be, as the reserve team, part of the Swiss Team. For us a dream has come true !
We are looking forward to getting to know many other teams from all over Europe and to see their routines !


Schmid Carmen (teamleader)

Gimli and me are dancing since 10 years, and our joy is still growing.
We are rarely found on the podium, but always on the sunny side of Dogdance.
Our first HTM Start at the OEC 2011 was a wonderful experience. In HTM we find joy and happiness. Gimli is not always healthy, that’s why we did not compete at the OEC in 2012 and 2013, although we were qualified. But we made so many fine experiences in competitions and especially in training lessons. Gimli goes mostly Fun competitions, but I decided to try the qualifying with both dogs this year.
Actually, it was my goal to start for the first time with Gimli's brother Yedi for OEC but Yedi had other ideas

It´s a great joy for me to see my 12 years old Gimli now as a reserve in the German team.
I look forward to an exciting time with the team and a great OEC.

Sandra Roth

I offer my three dogs all kinds of dog sports, but Lizzy has chosen dogdance to be her passion, which comes in handy for me since I am dancer myself. Lizzy is seven years old and she has never been an easy dog. We were struggling for a very long time until we finally got together as a team just because of dogdance. This is why we now enjoy every second with each other, in the ring as well as in everyday life, even more.
Winning the OEC 2014 was the biggest surprise in my life and up to now I haven’t completely realized it, because Lizzy is only my crazy little girl and I am only myself, we are far away from being perfect. We just started dogdance and didn’t have any expectations. The same applies for this year, we don’t have any expectations. Our goal is to enjoy these days in Austria, to have fun in and out of the ring and spend a fantastic time with wonderful people. And to put in Mikhail Baryshnikov’s words: I don’t try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.

Anja Jakob

We are very proud to be part of the German OEC freestyle team 2016. We have been part of the OEC HTM team in 2013 and this year we have been at Crufts in Birmingham. Merlin is eight years old and he is dancing since he was a little puppy. The niece of his breeder called him “Dancing little Shadow of fast crazy Fly”. His name is program ;-) Merlin loves Dogdance and when we are training he is very creative and shows me some new tricks. With him everything makes fun! We also love Treibball and draft dog sports with the dog-scooter.

I came to trickdog and Dogdance ten years ago with Mogli, a mixed breed from the animal shelter. With him everything began J

We wish all participants much fun and joy for the coming preparations and also the organizers and helpers.  We wish all visitors an unforgettable beautiful day in Krieglach!

Melanie Felix

We are happy and proud about Julies third participation on the OEC. Julie is a smart and very sensitive bitch. Working with her is so much fun. She has always her own good ideas and brings a lot of character into our dancing. We are here to have a lot of fun.

Kim Hege

May I introduce?

Lou is a terrier mix breed from the animal shelter. He is six years old and for me (Kim) he is my best friend. J

Together we belong to the Freestyle team this year.

We are very happy to go to Austria with such a fantastic team! We have never thought this. Lou has it not always easy with me because we are both a bit chaotic. But he forgives me everything and dances with many joy even if I am a bit nervous.

We love trickdog, music and dancing for about 4 years. It makes us happy and motivates us every day. When we are not clickering, dancing or training some tricks we are by our horses. They are our great passion.

We are looking forward to an exciting time full with new expressions and fun!

Lou is a fantastic dog and I am proud that he can show this in September to so many people.

Cora Czermak (reserve-starter)

I´ve been taking part in dogdance tournaments since I was ten years old. Meanwhile I´m 21, owning four dogs of different breeds. Besides working with my dogs, I am a student of psychology.
My four-year-old Papillon-Boy „Steps“ is the youngest dog of my pack and this is our first year of participating in
the highest possible class at competitions in Germany. Therefore I´m especially happy to have made it into the OEC-Team!


Wies Koelewijn (teamleader)

Grietje Wagenaar

I live in Burgum, with my husband, two children – a boy and a girl – and 6 dogs, a Shi Tzu, Papillon and 4 border Collies. Floris is the dog that I compete with in the Freestyle division, he is a very high motivated dog and big sweetheart. Working with him makes me happy.
I wish everybody a very good time during OEC 2016, enjoy every second as much as possible!

Aniek Oerlemans

Hello everyone, I am Aniek Oerlemans from the Netherlands. I love working with my border collie Breezz. She is so intelligent… I am honoured to be part of the Dutch Freestyle team. So looking forward to seeing you all!

Brigitte Van Gestel

It's a big pleasure to represent the Netherlands again. This year my bordercollie A'Mayzie and me will be part of the Dutch freestyle team. Everything we do together is great fun, so looking forward to see you all at the OEC 2016!

Bregtje Hut

Hi, I am Bregtje Hut. I am dancing with Troy for several years now and with great success. He is the perfect dance partner. Love him so much! Looking forward to seeing you all!

Janny Drost (reserve starter)

Hi, I am Janny Drost. I love to work wiht Dana because she is a lovely enthusiastic dog. We love to dance together and since I am retired, we have all the time in the world together!


Luc Daems

Elke Boxoen

In 2007 I discovered dogdance, nine years later it has become my greatest passion!
For the 3rd time we have the honor to dance on the Open European Championship.
Jessy is also competing in Fci obedience.
My music is about:
As a child I was greatly inspired by the movie E.T. the friendship between two different creatures is magical….

Herlinde Jans

I love my dogs and the dancing, it’s the ideal discipline to have a lot of fun together.
Closely working with my dogs in a positive way makes me intensely happy.

At the world championship in Helsinki and last year competing at Crufts. Here we could waken the emotions and find the admiration with the audience is my most memorable HTM/Freestyle experience
Being 4 year, Kiki got a lot of podiums in the Belgian competition and we participate also as international. Now the whole World is open as a Dog dancer. She is a wonderful and sweet dog, with tremendous work ethic. She is for me, not only Beautiful but also intelligent. We hope to have a lot of fun dancing together. We wish all competitors  lots of fun and sportsmanship.
Chosen for the rhytm and the temperament, it tells a story in 4 min: if you work for it, you’ll have results

Kristine Goossens

In 2004 we’ve started practicing Canine Freestyle. We’ve seen the sport evolving over the years. We have eight dogs (7 Havanese and 1 English Cocker) in the advanced class Freestyle, but Dalia is a very special dog who has obtained very nice results.
Working with the dogs and inventing new routines is a huge part of our lives. We love it.
The OEC is the first international Freestyle experience for us. We are proud to be part of the Belgian Team and are looking forward to this new adventure!
My mother Linda Van den Broecke and I, we started doing Canine Freestyle on March 1, 2004 with our 3 years old Maltese. We were immediately passionate about this wonderful dog sport. Meanwhile we have learned all our dogs (1 Maltese, 1 English Cocker Spaniel and 23 Havanese) the basics of Canine Freestyle and with most of them we participate to competitions and demonstrations. Eight of our dogs are advanced class freestyle players.
In these 12 years of practicing Canine Freestyle we’ve created over 80 Freestyle routines.
When we welcomed Dalia in our family (she was born in Hungary), we noticed she was a very special dog, she’s one out of a million. She is also mother of five adorable puppies (born in 2012). With Dalia we’ve obtained very nice results in the advanced class freestyle. We are so proud of this very unique Havanese.
Apart from Canine Freestyle we also practice Agility and Obedience with some of our dogs.
My music is about:
“Carnaval de Paris” is a song by the English electronic music trio Dario G. The song was recorded for the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France.
The origins of the melody come from the world of football.
The music video features children painted in the colours of the representative countries participating in the football tournament.
My most memorable HTM/Freestyle experience:
In 2009 Dalia was selected for the Dog Sport Awards in Belgium. She obtained the 3rd place on 21 dog dancers.
We’ve won the Canine Drumming (video) Challenge of Silvia Trkman from LoLaBuLand in 2011 in which our Havanese play the drums.
We’ve participated to La France a un incroyable talent in 2012 and Belgium’s Got Talent in 2013. Me and my mother performed together with four of our Havanese including Dalia on the music The Bongo Song of Safri Duo. It was a wonderful experience.
The fact that our Havanese Dalia is selected as participant for the Open European Championship is a great honour and reward for all the hard work we put into training the dogs and creating nice Freestyle routines. It’s not easy to perform at competitions with Havanese, true companion (lap) dogs, but we have so much fun!


Linda Keymis

Gwen and I started our career in Belgian obedience . We reached the highest level and were selected for the Belgian championship.
Gwen is an all-round dog, meaning she works in HTM and FS.
I discovered the dog dance 5 years ago with my welsh corgi! After 20 years working with my dogs in Belgian obedience I searched a new way of working and there was dog dance!!! With my corgi I reached fs advanced. Then came Gwen ! We did several championships in the Netherlands and in France. When I came for the first time in the ring I realized this is what I always wanted: my dog and me having fun without any pressure! With Gwen it's like being in heaven. Learn new tricks, search the right music and make a nice routine. We are both happy now ant that’s what matters to me!!!
My most memorial moment was her second place as all-rounder (HTM & Freestyle together) and as freestyler at the Belgian open in 2015


Arlette Cloes (reserve starter)

Arlette plays with Ginger in HTM & is reserve for Freestyle


Johanna Allanach (teamleader)

Soda competes mainly in freestyle. She have been at the Nordic Championships 6 times, in the finals all 6 times and their best result was Individual Bronze. Soda was the first Swedish Freestyle Champion and the first Nordic Freestyle Champion. Soda is also a Danish and Nordic Freestyle Champion – and a Rally Champion. Soda has recently taken up Heelwork to Music and has 2 certificates. She has also competed at the International Freestyle at Crufts in 2010, 2012 and 2014.

Lone Bach

My name is Lone and I'm dancing with my 5 years old partner Puma, who's a cavalier king Charles spaniel. We have been in this sport for a little less than 3 years and we're loving it. We have ball every time we train. We're really looking forward to the fabulous experience which participating in the OEC must be.

Camilla Kikkenborg

Cassi is my first dog and have been my best friend for five years. We started dancing together two years ago and it is the best sport we have ever done. The best thing is that we can do the things that we love to do and only them. We also compete in agility and rally-obedience.

At home Cassi has one clear rule, she is the princess(she does not want to be a queen, because that means she has to be a grownup) and she demands that she is treated that way.

Our rutine is based on the musical Annie, a story about an orphan girl.

The one thing Cassi loves most about performing her rutine is the applause in the end.

Jette Haastrup

Addi is a wirehaired dashhund 11.5 years old.
Addi and I have performed in HTM and Freestyle in about 7 years.
We have obtained class 3 in HTM and a danish and swedish championchip in Freestyle.
This is the time we are on the danish freestyle team.

Mette Andreassen (reserve starter)

O’Malley has been trained since he was 8 weeks old and has done Obedience, Rally Obedience and Agility for many years. He enjoys any training we do together. The past 3 years we have been enjoying the wonderful sport of Dogdancing/HTM. O’Malley is 10 years old.


It is with great regret and much disappointment that Team Scotland has had to withdraw from competing at the OEC, due to an outbreak of kennel cough which has spread throughout the team with three dogs currently suffering.

We would like to thank our sponsors and indeed everyone who has supported us. We have raised a considerable sum of money which will be held by Elite k9 Dancers and will form the sponsorship for a Team Scotland in 2017 (subject to Scottish Kennel Club approval).

As such we have decided we will open the procedure for selection with further details to follow later this year.


Nikola Detariova

Monika Olsovska

Lucia Piatnicova

Adriana Tomekova

Czech Republik

Irena Istvankova (teamleader)

Our lives are connected for six years and I wish it lasted forever. We enjoy all possible activities together and we have never enough. We are soul mates this is for sure!

Vanda Gregorova

I started dogdaning in 2004, now I have 4 dogs, 3 chihuahuas and australians shepherd Brandy, all in active Training.

Pavla Kamradova

Katerina Veinlich


Tanja Weinmesser (teamleader)

Lisa Schaden

Maili and I are a Freestyle-Team since I fell in love with the first picture of her, as she was one day old. Her breeder told me, she is the perfect, little, black and white dancing queen I am looking for. Just kidding! ;-) I really enjoy to work with her, show her new tricks and watch her ambition to give her best. She is three years old, so she will be one of the youngest team members at this competition. I am sure we will have fun during our performance, will give our best and will take this chance to meet all the great Freestyle- and Heelwork-Teams we saw in so many videos.
I am very proud to be a member of Austrian Freestyle Team at the OEC 2016. Maili and I looking forward to this great experience and wish all participants and visitors a great time and lot of fun at this big event.

Pernilla Sonnleitner

My dog Sido ( he is three years old) and me, Pernilla (I’m 17 years old) are makeing dogdance for two and a half year. Sido is easy to remember because of the black dot on his nose. Beside the school we like to try other dog sports.

Ilona Szednyj

I tried Dogdance as an „anti hunting“  training for my dog. Soon I saw the different possibilities in Dogdance to make Heelwork more interesting, more different and more fun. For me is Dogdance a great Free time activity which should make fun.

Christiane Eisl

Mila is the dog of my dreams. We practice Dogdance since three years and it´s great fun to work with her regardless which kind of dog sport.

We live in the beautiful Salzkammergut with lots of lakes and mountains, what is wonderful for Mila and me. We are often out in the nature in our leisure time, but Milas greatest passion is playing with the ball J


Kerstin Eklund (teamleader)

Miles is a 10 year old golden retiever male. This will be our first Open European Competition and we are honourd and it will be very exciting to take part. In 2014 Miles became Nordic Champion in the Nordic Freestyle Championship in Norway, and we also participate in VM 2014 and ended up as team third.

Frida Binette

My dog, Itchi, is 7 years old and the breed Pyrenean Shepherd à face rase. She became last year Swedish champion in freestyle 2015 and It is the first time Itchi is with the Swedish national team. It is also the first time I as a handler, involved in the OEC.

Nina Roegner

I am a proffessional dogtrainer and has been for about 30 years, perform with a dogtheatre in Sweden and is the creator of the app Better Dog Academy. Moster is an obedience-freestyle and dogshow champion. She has performed every year in the swedish dog theatre since she was six month old and she is also a certified Master Dog which is the highest level in Better Dog Academy.

Lizette Olausson

I work as a trained nurse at night and as a professional dogtrainer during the day. Gaston is a 5-year-old Border Collie who loves all sorts of training; freestyle, obedience and tracking are among his favourites. The music is "Ma Baker" by Boney M and the routine is based on a gangster theme. Ma Baker was the leader of a criminal gang who robbed, kidnapped and killed people. In 1935 Ma Baker and her sons were killed during a shoot-out with the FBI.


Frida Setherberg (reservestarter)


Polina Ilina (teamleader)

Hardi looks like a fun and cheerful character from a fairy tale. That is why we decided to make up a story.
Hardy is a small cute naughty dog. This dog has brought a lot of positive and a lot of activity into my life. We have been enjoying dancing for 6 years already. Our characters from New Year fairy tales, cabaret and Barbie-dolls have been very memorable and exciting.

Irina Efriemova

A story about how annoying butterflies can be…
Unkas only looks like a small and delicate dog, but in fact, he is absolutely fearless and a little bit crazy. He is always champing at the bit. Crazy about dancing. It is during the dance when his fiery temper is revealed. It is challenging but interesting to work with him.

Luidmila Eiboghina

We dance the story of the swans. They are very different. The first Swan is black, the second is white. But they are very good together. We want this Swan song lasted very long and never ends
First we met with Nika when she was 7 and since that our life together and our sport dancing life have started. Nika is a very positive, active and happy dog. She really reminds me of myself, we are inseparable. Nika has given me a huge amount of positive emotions and unforgettable sport achievements. I hope, that we are having a lot more of them in the future.

Galina Choghovadzie

Roy and I dancing to the music from the film "a hunting accident." In this composition, I have tried to show how fleeting life is and how important it is that there was love and tenderness.

Elena Harahursah (reservestarter)

Ancient folk tale about Ivan Tsarevich, who went in search of his destiny, and eventually met a wonderful frog-princess.

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